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Andover native Stephen Stapinski is extremely passionate about than Boston sports and the city’s ever-famous sports franchises. He has even taken to blogging about these teams. For today, he shares an interesting story about former Boston Celtics player Paul Pierce and how he came to be known as “The Truth.”

Everyone who knew him expected Paul Pierce to make it to the NBA. Entering as a rookie with a strong 1998 class, he joined a lackluster Boston team that really didn’t experience much success in the decade. …

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Andover native Stephen Stapinski has started a series of blogs to share his passion with readers everywhere. He believes that the mighty city of Boston, MA, is the best sports city in the United States, and he reminds everyone that history has proven it time and again.

For today, Stephen Stapinski shares as to why he believes the New England Patriots is the best NFL franchise in the league’s history.

For people new to the NFL, the Patriots (or Pats as the fans call the team) is an NFL team from Boston. They compete in the AFC East division and…

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For Andover native Stephen Stapinski, no rivalry will ever match the fire, passion, and bitterness between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. And this isn’t just in baseball; Stephen Stapinski says that for him, the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is the biggest in the world of sports.

For a century, the Red Sox and Yankees have given their all, weaving their own set of tales of glories and defeats, heroes and legends, controversies and curses, apart from those in American baseball lore. …

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Passionate fans like Stephen Stapinski of Andover are the best sources of information and trivia about the teams that they adore. For him, the Boston Celtics will always be the only team that matters in basketball. This blog is about one of the most charismatic players from Boston, Robert “The Chief” Parish.

Some fun facts:

1. Robert Lee Parish is an American former member of the Boston Celtics who played 21 seasons in the NBA, the second most in league history. It was only this year that his record was broken by Vince Carter, with a total of 22 seasons.

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Like so many fans of the Boston Celtics, Andover native Stephen Stapinski was disappointed as the Miami Heat thoroughly outclassed the team in the Eastern Conference Final of the NBA’s “Bubble Season.” That said, he is still convinced that Kemba Walker is still a much better fit for the team than his predecessor, Kyrie Irving.

While both players are a shoot-first kind of point guard, Kyrie had shown time and again that he prefers creating his own plays on the offensive end. And with a genius coach such as Brad Stevens at the helm, this didn’t seem like a good…

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There are some NBA players who have been labeled as journeymen because they played for several teams in their career, in the most successful commercial league on the planet. Be that as it may, when these journeymen leave a mark on their teams, loyal sports fans come to love them forever. For Stephen Stapinski of Andover, such a player is Kevin Garnett of the Celtics.

Kevin Maurice Garnett is one of most-seasoned players in NBA history, with 21 long years played in the big league. …

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Stephen Stapinski of Andover is a huge fan of Boston sports teams. He especially loves the Celtics, the Red Sox, and the Patriots. He also believes that Boston is the number one sports town in the world.

For today’s blog, Stephen Stapinski shares three great ways to enjoy sports in Boston for sports fans who are visiting the city for the first time.

Tours: There are several tours in Boston tailor-made for sports fans. These tours are headed by guides who are huge sports fans themselves. Usual tours take fans to some of the famous Boston sports Meccas such as…

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Andover native Stephen Stapinski is a huge fan of the New England Patriots. He also believes that Tom Brady, even if now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Below, Stephen Stapinski lists some of the most jaw-dropping records, accomplishments, and accolades of Tom Brady to make a case for him not just being the game’s GOAT QB, but also the GOAT, period.

So far in his career, Tom Brady

- played in nine Super Bowls (the most any player has been in) and won six of them (the most any player has won).

- won…

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Andover native Stephen Stapinski has since moved to Boston, a town where he utterly adores all the professional sports teams. One of the things that fascinates him most about Boston sports is how deep and colorful the histories are of these teams.

On that note, Stephen Stapinski takes readers down memory lane as he sheds light on the immortal Bill Russell and some of the greatest centers in NBA history.

Sure, there were great big men before Bill Russell came along, but no one as dominant as the Celtic great. Bill Russell is the winningest center in NBA history, winning…

Stephen Stapinski Andover

Originally from Andover, MA, Stephen Stapinski is now based in Boston. Stephen believes that Boston is the greatest sports town, not just in the U.S.

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