Great ways people can enjoy sports in Boston

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Stephen Stapinski of Andover is a huge fan of Boston sports teams. He especially loves the Celtics, the Red Sox, and the Patriots. He also believes that Boston is the number one sports town in the world.

For today’s blog, Stephen Stapinski shares three great ways to enjoy sports in Boston for sports fans who are visiting the city for the first time.

Tours: There are several tours in Boston tailor-made for sports fans. These tours are headed by guides who are huge sports fans themselves. Usual tours take fans to some of the famous Boston sports Meccas such as the Boston Garden and Fenway Park. For tourists who can afford it, some tours even include live games. Most of these tours give group discounts.

Sports bars: According to Stephen Stapinski, there are times when watching live games in sports bars can even be more fun than being in a stadium. Boston sports bars and pubs are filled with extremely devoted fans who cheer at every point scored, and every call that goes their way. Also, many sports bars sell merchandise, some even quite rare.

Live: Of course, for the complete experience, watching a Celtic or Patriots game live is the pinnacle of being a sports fan. However, scoring tickets might prove to be a challenge with soaring prices. But like tours, Stephen Stapinski of Andover mentions that if people go in groups, they may get a huge discount.

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